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I repeat what I said last year - could all members please inform the committee, as soon as possible, of any members that they know who have died, so that we can take some appropriate action. If time allows, we would hope to arrange representation at the funeral, at least. We would also like to be kept informed of any member who is seriously ill, so that we could possibly arrange local visits from other members or organise assistance. The same is true of those of us who may have fallen on hard times and although the club does not have the funds to provide direct financial support, we can make sure that they are receiving all the aid that is available from the various agencies, who have it within their remit to provide such.


“Utrinque Paratus”
Terry Carroll

Secretary’s Notes

1. If anyone is aware of any ex members of the Battalion who have passed away during the last year could you please inform me so I can take their name off the postal list.
This can be done by Email to or and by dropping me a line at 4 Lodge Road, Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS28 7LY. Tel No: 0113 2552569 (leave a message).
2. Change of address If anyone has changed their address please inform me asap. Likewise if you have an Email Address please put it on the Booking Performa or send me an Email with the change of circumstances on it.
3. The jackets I produced with the 3 PARA Reunion Club logo on are still out of stock at the present, and I have been looking for a substitute the would be cheap but acceptable, hopefully for sale at the next reunion function. I also still have a few ties for sale, and am also looking to get a new better quality embroidered tie but for sale for the same price as they are now.
Gary Teale

* * *

Falklands Revisited 2005

In June this year I was very honoured to attend the Falklands Islands Liberation Day Parade in Stanley on the 14 June 2005. I was invited to the Falklands by my son who was on a 9 month tour of duty with the RE Maint Sqn based on the Airfield just above Fitzroy Bay. What a different place the Island is today. It is heartening to see the Islanders liberation day both at the cathedral service and at the 1982 Memorial. Being the only Red Beret on parade they all seemed to want to talk to me and shake my hand just saying thank you for what you did for us they are very, very proud of our Regiment and for the sacrifices for those that did not return with us. I attended the parade and was honoured to be with some of the islander’s that assisted 3 Para during the war. I stood next to and laid a wreath on behalf of 3 Para Reunion Club at the 1982 Memorial also laying a wreath on behalf of the Islanders, was Terry Peck, who was a policeman in 1982 and acted as a guide to our patrol platoon. A good number of these blokes are still in contact with Terry whom he greatly appreciates: regretfully Terry has not been in the best of health over the past few years but is well on the way to recovery now after some treatment for PTSD. After the parade we both attended a reception at the new BDF Barracks in Stanley and it was great to meet up with our porridge lady Mandy McLoud, after 23 years it was a bit emotional to meet people you knew then.

When in 82, me and my lads from the Anti Tank Pl att A Coy, were dug in on the airstrip above the settlement at Port San Carlos, Mandy would appear at first light each morning without fail with a large container full of piping hot porridge for the blokes, she would also bring us news from the BBC world service. Mandy from my heart and all those that came into contact with you, our heartfelt thanks and god bless you……. for your kindness.

On the 15th June I returned to Mount Longdon and traced my steps from the start line up and over Longdon and into Stanley via Moody Brook there is still and old 105 recoilless gun on the eastern slope of Longdon which I am sure gave B Coy trouble on the night of 11/12. On my visit to Longdon, I was accompanied by the Base Padre, my son and his Sqn 2 I/C a Para trained RLC Officer. We were also met on top by Tony & Ailsa from Estancia Farm. Tony & Ailsa had towed Milan & Mortar Ammo for SP Coy, to the fire support base and the mortar line prior to the attack on Longdon. Their farm at Estancia was used by Bn HQ for ‘O’ Gps and housed the RAP, the farm is a museum to 3 Para and the guest books at Estancia has some great old names and comments. On Longdon the Padre performed a short service for us and we spend some time in reflection for those member of 3 Para who had lost their lives in the Battle for Mound London on the night of 11/12 June 1982. those gathered on London, lay British Legion crosses as an act of remembrance for those members of the Battalion we lost in battle………..

After the service I followed the route I had taken from Mount Longdon down through Moody Brook (there is nothing there now), and into Stanley. My visit to Longdon brought back many memories, I was glad after all the years that had passed, that I was able and fortunate enough to return and see Mount Longdon and the Island in the bright light of day. On the evening 15th June I was invited to the Governor’s Reception and was taken for a tour of the governors residence, I also went for a walk to find the house Sp Coy had gone firm at and had regrouped after entering Stanley, which was on the road just above Government House. Finally on the 16th June I was invited (as this way my birthday) to dine with Trudy and Charles McPhee out at Brookfield Farm just above Estancia. Trudy had assisted our medics during the battle for Longdon, transporting our casualties away from the Bn RAP to the casevac area and Heli LZ. The risks these people took are unbelievable and they should all be commended for their actions. Hero’s all of them. Once again sincere thanks were passed to all of them, from me on behalf of the 3 Para Reunion Club. Trudy, Ailsa, Mandy, Tony, Charles and Terry thanks again for making my visit a memorable one.

For photographs of my visit please visit the Gallery